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Upcoming James Bond Casting is Commitment of 10 to 12 Years: Producer Says


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The next James Bond actor should be prepared to devote 10 to 12 years of their life to the brand, According to the producer. James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli said the next actor should be prepared to commit to a 10-to-12-year contract.

She said to Variety, “It’s not just turning up for a few months of filming.”

Daniel Craig left the role after 15 years and five films with “No Time to Die” last year.

According to one of the franchise’s producers, the next James Bond should be prepared to devote at least a decade of their lives to the character.

“The point is, it’s going to be a couple of years away,” producer Barbara Broccoli told Variety recently of the next film. “And when we cast Bond, we’re making a 10- to 12-year commitment… That is not something that everyone wants to accomplish. Getting [Daniel Craig] to do it was difficult enough.”

Craig stepped off from the role after 15 years with “No Time to Die,” his fifth Bond film. It was one of the few pandemic-era box office successes, making $774 million worldwide.

“It’s a tremendous commitment,” she noted, explaining that “it’s not simply showing up for a couple of months of filming.”

Broccoli and her partner Bond producer Michael G. Wilson have been tight-lipped on who would succeed Craig. They did, however, imply that the franchise’s transformation during the Craig period will continue, such as refining his character beyond simply a womanizing spy.

“Bond is developing in the same way that men are evolving,” Broccoli added. “I’m not sure who is evolving quicker.”

Broccoli has ruled out a female Bond, but is open to the role being played by a non-white actor.

She said last year to The Hollywood Reporter, “I think it will be a guy because I don’t think a woman should portray James Bond. I believe in creating characters for women rather than simply having women play men’s parts; there aren’t enough fantastic roles for women, and it’s really essential to me that we produce movies for women about women; he should be British, therefore British may be any (ethnicity or race).”