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Trevor Noah Plans to Leave the Daily Show; Fars Turns Out So Surprised


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Trevor Noah is talking about leaving The Daily Show, and it turns out that this surprised a lot of people. Regarding his upcoming departure from the Comedy Central program on December 8, Noah told the Hollywood Reporter, “I’d rather people be sad than happy, like, ‘Good riddance, that d*** is out of the building.'”

Trevor Noah

The Daily Show showrunner Jen Flanz and head writer Zhubin Parang were both in the dark when he made the news in September during an unscripted moment on the program. A day before, he had lunch with two Paramount executives, who were also. As news spread, his representatives were also informed.

Noah said, who had just inked a new two-year deal to stay with the show in June, he did it that way in part because he didn’t want anyone to be the one to tell someone else, who then tells someone else, who then tells someone else, and so on. This is also where they produce the item. It seemed to him the most natural way to inform everyone at once because [the show] is where they are together and their space.

Following the recording, staff members met to talk about the news. Noah, who presided over the program for seven years, “apologized to everyone,” according to Flanz, who described it as “short and extremely quiet.” I believe I’d always imagined he was exactly like the Energizer Bunny and would keep going forever, she said.

The South African TV personality and comedian added, “I feel that everything should end. Maybe this comes with not being reared in America. “Keep it going as long as you can, says a lot of American business and media, but I believe it’s healthy for things to finish while they’re still doing well. There are a lot of other things I’d like to accomplish, therefore I want to quit before I burn out.”

In 2013, Noah originally turned down former host Jon Stewart’s invitation to join the program as a reporter because he was preoccupied with his stand-up career. In the end, he changed his mind, and in 2015, he succeeded Stewart. With some help from former President Trump, whose antics made for fantastic humor, he gained his feet as a host after some rocky early going. Throughout the epidemic, Noah led the show with distinction.

The replacement host will be chosen independently, according to Noah. He is; nevertheless, open to acting as a producer or consultant. The list of candidates includes reporter Roy Wood Jr. Noah claimed to have openly discussed the duties of the position with every one of his correspondents.