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Jeremy Renner Updates His Condition after Two Days of Accident to His Fans

Jeremy Renner Accident

Actor Jeremy Renner gave the public an update on his condition two days after suffering severe injuries in a snowplow accident close to his Reno, Nevada, home that necessitated an evacuation to a nearby hospital. On his verified Instagram profile on Tuesday afternoon, he said, “Thank you everybody for your warm sentiments. “I’m now too confused to type. But I send you all my love.”

A livestreamed press conference by the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada provided an update on the specifics of what had transpired to the Hawkeye star moments after Renner made his remarks. Officials were keen to emphasize that the significant accident investigation was being handled in the same manner as any other. They are still interviewing people and going over the scene’s materials.

According to the investigation, Mr. Renner’s personal car, which was being driven by a family member, had been trapped in the snow close to his house, said Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam. In an effort to get his car rolling, Mr. Renner proceeded to grab his PistenBully [snowplow] or snowcat, an enormous piece of snow removal equipment that weighs at least 14,330 pounds. Mr. Renner exited his PistenBully after hauling his own car out of the jam and went inside to speak to a relative. The PistenBully is shown to have started rolling at this moment. Mr. Renner tries to get back into the PistenBully’s driver’s seat in an effort to stop the PistenBully from rolling. According to our inquiry, the PistenBully then runs over Mr. Renner at this moment. Witnesses described seeing Mr. Renner get into the PistenBully and then losing sight of him until the PistenBully came to a stop in a snowdrift in front of his driveway. We don’t think Mr. Renner was in any way intoxicated at this point in the inquiry, and we think this was a terrible accident.

He added that the sheriff’s office now has the PistenBully, which is being analyzed so they can rule out any mechanical failures or factors like whether the machine was supposed to be in park, as they would in any major investigation. They don’t suspect any foul play, he said multiple times.