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James Cameron Shots Scenes For Avatar 3 And 4 In Advance To Avoid Stranger Things


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In order to prevent problems with the younger cast members’ aging à la Stranger Things, James Cameron has admitted that he pre-shot scenes for Avatar 3 and 4.

Tuk was one of several young characters presented in the recently released Avatar: The Way of Water. Spider (Jack Champion, who was 12 when he was cast but is now 18) and Trinity Jo-Li Bliss (who was 7 when she was cast and is now 13) are both young actors.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, director James Cameron explained that since Champion was “growing like a plant,” the first, second, and third acts of the fourth movie had to be produced all at once.

Otherwise, you get the Stranger Things impression, where they’re supposed to still be in high school [but] they look like they’re 27. I adore Stranger Things, but you get that affect. “I enjoy the program, you know. We’ll manage our suspension of disbelief. The characters appeal to us. However, you know.

Producer Jon Landau stated in the same interview that all recently introduced characters would remain a part of the Avatar tale in the next sequels.

Each film will introduce viewers to new clans and civilizations of Pandora, according to Landau. “Once a character is introduced, they continue to be involved in the development. All we do is add to it.

So, you may anticipate seeing the Metkayina you meet in this movie in other films. Other clans will be introduced in movie 3, and you’ll see them in movie 4, and so on.

There will be a total of five movies in the Avatar franchise, the third, fourth, and fifth of which have not yet been released. However, if the third movie doesn’t do well at the box office, Cameron has said that the series may be cancelled.

The director told Total Film, “The market may be telling us we’re done in three months, or we might be semi-done, meaning ‘OK, let’s conclude the tale inside movie three, and not continue on forever.'”

The Way of Water and Avatar 3 were both being filmed at the same time; therefore production on Avatar 3 is reportedly complete. Release day for the third movie is set for December 20, 2024.