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Dominion Voting CEO Spoke Following 2020 Presidential Election about the Persistent Threats Made Against Him and Family


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The creator and CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos spoke on 60 Minutes Sunday to talk following the 2020 presidential election about the persistent threats made against him, his family, and his employees. Sydney Powell, a lawyer, and Rudy Giuliani, a counsel for former president Donald Trump, both spread untruths about Dominion switching its votes from Trump to President Biden despite never providing any proof.

According to Poulos, people are now at risk. Their families’ security is now under danger. Their lives have been significantly changed, all because of lies. They were obviously spreading fabrications while also repeating and encouraging them.

Poulos also talked about how these threats have affected his family. Poulos stated, “My kids are still not permitted to open any packages left at the front door unless we confirm that they are coming from a reputable source. Concern is not unjustified… This has been done by people. People are issuing warnings that they will keep doing this.

Threats from Trump supporters compelled Dominion employees to take action less than a month after the election, and the threats are still coming.

Poulos explained that they continue to experience this every single day. On Friday, there was a lockdown at their place of business. He spoke to a two-parent employee over the phone two days prior, who was visibly upset and in tears. It’s difficult to talk about. Had she heard something firsthand? asked Anderson Cooper. Poulos responded, “A truly awful death threat in detail.

In 28 states, including those where Trump won, Dominion Voting Systems were employed. Despite this, Fox News and other media channels continued to spread the myth about Dominion. Dominion has launched a multibillion dollar defamation case against Fox and others, which Fox has unsuccessfully attempted to get dismissed. Poulos thinks it will be simple to show Fox knew they were presenting false information. Giuliani has acknowledged that he has no proof of election fraud, and Powell is utilizing the same argument Fox attorneys used in a defamation lawsuit against Tucker Carlson to fight the Dominion action against her: that no sane person would have believed what she had to say about the election.

Pooulos added that they informed them. They informed them immediately. Others informed them. Government representatives informed them. Officials from the partisan government told them. They were told by sources inside the Trump administration. Both political parties’ local election officials informed them. Not knowing the truth is not the issue here. The truth was known to them.