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‘Black Adam,’ Took Four Rounds of MPA Cuts to Get PG-13


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The movie “Black Adam” has “sequences of heavy violence, dramatic action, and some profanity,” but it turns out that the initial few edits of the movie were considerably bloodier. The movie “Black Adam” originally had an R rating, and it took “four rounds” of editing before the MPA agreed to drop it to the team’s preferred PG-13 classification, according to producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia, who spoke to Collider. Given the main character’s comic book roots, the production team has always known it intended “Black Adam” to push the boundaries of PG-13 violence.

Garcia stated that they were quite concerned about paying tribute to Black Adam’s persona. It simply wouldn’t have been true to do a Black Adam movie without any of the hostility and brutality for which he is renowned. They therefore always entered this situation knowing that they would push it as far as they did. Flynn added that the movie just received the PG-13 rating, he thinks maybe four or five weeks ago. It required four rounds (with the MPA).

How much of the film needed to be cut? “We did have to make a lot of edits, actually,” Flynn said. According to the producer, the original cut of the film had Dwayne Johnson’s title character violently killing up to 10 different people. The production scaled that number down to around five to secure a PG-13 rating.


Flynn answered they did had to make a lot of adjustments on question about How much of the film have to be trimmed? According to the producer, the early cut of the film included Dwayne Johnson’s main character mercilessly killing up to 10 different people. To get a PG-13 rating, the filmmakers decreased that number to about five.

Flynn remarked, “There are some wonderful moments in the fly bike pursuit sequence when Black Adam drops one of the gang warriors.” Then there’s this fantastic scene where the vehicle rebounds over the body.” But those are the moments in these films that you need to remember, you know what I mean? You can’t play it safe; you must go for it. And I believe we have four or five of them. We had approximately ten at one time, and we were able to reach an agreement with the MPA on that.”

Warner Bros.’ “Black Adam” hits cinemas on October 21.