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9 Habbits that slow down your metabolism and make you gain extra weight


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A bench of several researches is conducting to acknowledge natural but effective ways to increase consumption of calories, means to says increase metabolism. As new research has disclosed exposure to bright, blue-tinged light, the similar to kind emitted by your smartphone can affect metabolisms, possibly causing human body to stack on weight, and mess with bodies’ ability to regulate glucose.

The lead researcher from Northwestern University in Illinois, Kathryn Reid  stated that these results provide further evidence that bright light exposure might influence metabolism.

One of the researchers, Ivy Cheung said, “Our findings show that insulin was unable to acutely bring glucose levels back to a baseline level following a meal with bright light exposure in the evening.”

on the other side, several habits slow down consumption of calories and cause the body to store energy instead of wasting it. Keep reading to learn the reasons that slow down your metabolism.

1. Irregular eating

A study of 2012 states that the mice that were fed fatty foods on irregular intervals of time gained more weight than rodents who were fed the same same diet, but eat regularly. The researchers suggested that daily observance to diet teaches the body to spend more calories between meals.

How to fix: Find out optimum intervals between meals and stick to that schedule.

2. Savings on fruit and vegetables

According to research by Canadian scientists organochlorines pesticides can interfere with the body to expend energy and drop excess weight. Researchers found that study participants who consumed the largest dose of toxins, experienced a serious slowdown in metabolism and their rate of weight loss decreased.

How to fix: do not save, and know where to look for natural foods without pesticides.

3. Lack of sleep

According to a study people who sleep less and are less active, spend less calories. The German and Swedish scientists found that lack of sleep greatly reduces the amount of energy that the body spends while relaxing.

4. Iron deficiency

During menstruation the body loses a lot of iron, but because it helps carry oxygen to the muscle cells. “If the level of this trace element in the body becomes too low, muscles no longer receive enough oxygen, leading to wasting and metabolic disorders,” – this is the opinion Tammy Lakatos Shames, author of a series of articles entitled “Accelerate metabolism: 9 proven ways to get rid of excess fat and maintain permanent ideal weight. ”

How to fix: Stock up on iron-rich cereals, beans, greens (spinach, Chinese cabbage, broccoli).

5. Too low calorie diet

Eating very low calorie diet, you make the body “to switch to economy mode,” slow down the metabolism and preserve what little energy that you let it receive.

How to fix: Learn why counting calories is an outdated method and how to do without it.

6. Sedentary lifestyle

“Just 20 minutes in the same position include inhibition of metabolism” – says Carrie Schmitz, research manager at the company Ergotron ergonomics.

How to fix: Try to increase locomotor activity while sitting in the office. Helps training on the job in 5 minutes.

7. Low intake of calcium

Here’s another reason to drink more milk: calcium plays a key role in the mechanism of fat burning, which determines whether the calories or delay resulting from food to spend it on the sides – the conclusion made by researchers at the Institute of Nutrition of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

How to fix: Lean on foods rich in calcium.

8. Not drinking enough water

All processes in your body at the cellular level, including metabolism, depend on water. Dehydrated body burns 2% fewer calories – according to a study conducted by the State of Utah University.

How to fix: Drink more water.

9. Skipping breakfast

Not eating breakfast, you do not just cause the body to starve, and then sharply to overeat at lunch, but also to send the body a signal that it is necessary to get some energy stored for future use. And this means that the body will be extremely reluctant to burn the calories. This is what the study suggests in “American Journal of Epidemiology”: people who skip breakfast, 4.5 times more predisposed to weight gain.”


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