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Sunday , April 23 2017

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Raees : An Indian-Pakistani film collaboration

Filmmakers from both sides of the border are teaming up on movie projects despite threats from extremists in India. This cooperation can play a vital role to reduce tensions between the historic rivals. On 11th March, 2016, Fawad Khan with Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt visited the HT Office for …

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6 Yoga positions to recharge your body in the morning

6 yoga poses for early morning

Are you one of those cheery morning people who get out of bed as the sun rises? Getting up early in the morning is tough. Research shows that it is more common in people to have a heart attack in early part of the day, party because of going from …

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9 Habbits that slow down your metabolism and make you gain extra weight

reasons for slow metabolism

A bench of several researches is conducting to acknowledge natural but effective ways to increase consumption of calories, means to says increase metabolism. As new research has disclosed exposure to bright, blue-tinged light, the similar to kind emitted by your smartphone can affect metabolisms, possibly causing human body to stack on …

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