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Saturday , July 20 2019
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Fawad Khan’s wife Sadaf Khan opens up on being a ‘Star Wife’


Fawad Khan and his beautiful wife Sadaf Khan were featured in ‘Masala magazine’s most recent cover. And the sizzling photo shoot went viral on the internet.

Sadaf described what it was like to be a ‘Star’s Wife” in an interview with the magazine, “I don’t believe in the term ‘star wife’. I am an educated person who has a mind of her own. Sometimes I do feel it’s overwhelming being associated with Fawad because people generally tend to discredit your potential saying, ‘Oh you can do anything because of him.’ You can do a one-time venture that way but unless you have the talent backing it, you can’t make a success of it,” she says.


On the other hand, Fawad Khan credits his loving wife for the success of the brand. “I think you need to be the way you are without bothering about what people think is fashionable or not.”

On the question about kids, Fawad got really emotional and said, “It’s the most amazing and emotional feeling,” he added, “Since this was the second time after Ayaan (his elder son), I was more prepared.”­



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