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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Change Your Life In 6 Months With These 5 Skills



Social media is everywhere, and it’s filled with videos and images. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, you name it- there are photos and videos galore. Learning how to create, edit, and display multimedia in a captivating way is the wave of the future.


Photoshop and Gimp are two excellent photo editing software programs, but they take some time to properly learn. Thankfully, not more than 6 months.


iMovie is a great video editor, as is Final Cut Pro.

To learn how to use these programs to their full potential, check out free classes from CreativeLIVE, where professionals in the photo and video editing world are your teachers. Also, SkillShare has many useful tools that teach you new skills in 15 minutes a day.


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Learning a new skill that can change your life doesn’t have to take forever. In fact, you can learn several skills in as little as 6 months! Some of the things we learn will immediately benefit us, while others will be more beneficial to us in the future. All of which are considered transformative because they will have a positive impact on our lives. Expanding our knowledge and learning new things isn’t only good for our self-esteem and reaching new goals, it also rewires your brain to function more efficiently. Society For Science reports, “As we learn something new, cells that…

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